Current Issues in the Culture and the Church on Sex

Harvest USA’s perspective:  On the effect of pornography on children

Our friends at CPYU (Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, have just put out a brief pdf handout on the effects of pornography on children.  It’s titled, “A Parent’s Primer on Internet Pornography.”  It’s got lots of useful information on who is looking at porn (and what our kids are viewing), as well as information on how harmful porn is on the minds and hearts of kids and adults.

This is a terrific ministry organization, led by Dr. Walt Mueller (not just because they like us and reference us in this handout!).  One thing to note in this handout—Walt refers to an online article Harvest USA has entitled, “My Kids Have Looked at Porn!  What do I do Now?”  That newsletter article is now in the process of being published as a new minibook by New Growth Press, called “iSnooping On Your Kids:  Protecting Your Family in a Internet Age.”  That mini book will be out and available for purchase (it’s only $3.99) on our bookstore page by the end of August.  Check out and go to bookstore.  It has lots of information on preventative steps as well as what to do when your kids have been exposed to porn.